About Me

I'm a values-driven, business-savvy creative problem solver, with a broad skillset and endless determination.

I work with companies and organisations as a consultant, either fixed-term, part-time or project based. I've been both agency and client-side, so I have a clear understanding of how to deliver maximum value to a project.


My first ‘proper’ job was as Marketing Assistant at Explorers Tours - working on design of brochures back when ‘Photoshop’ wasn’t a verb. I taught myself to hand-build websites to W3C Web Standards and learnt all about accessibility and how using tables for layout was tantamount to evil. In between I travelled to North America, the Caribbean, Turkey, and Egypt as a tour guide which was an incredible experience.

I created new brand positioning for our ‘Learn to Dive’ holiday programme, resulting in company revenue growth from £800k to £3M over three years. We pioneered Sharm El Sheikh as a destination for UK Learner divers, eventually training 300-400 new divers every week. I lived in Sharm for one year to oversee the opening of Ocean College Dive Centre and co-managed the build of two company-owned hotels.

On return to UK I co-founded Archipelago Creative with my partner Jo Tyler. Initially producing marketing collateral, we soon progressed to brand identity and then to helping small businesses identify and articulate their offering and develop their positioning.

We kept the team small, and prioritised interesting clients where our input could make a big difference. We developed specialisms in subjects we loved: clean energy and marine science & conservation. 

Initially as a personal project, we created an animated e-card website where users could send and schedule personalised greetings. I trained in Flash to hardcore-nerd level, creating algorithms to dynamically generate natural-looking plankton swarms, for example. 

The ecard site brought us many marine conservation customers including Australian Government, The Shark Trust, PEW, PADI, SEALIFE, The Wildlife Trusts and others. 

We also founded Explanimation, a subscription-based Explainer video service for clean energy businesses that need to explain complex government tariffs/schemes to laypeople. 

The unique business model made customised high-quality explainers affordable for small customers, and convenient for large ones - including DECC, British Gas, EDF, Carillion, Saint Gobain, Wolseley/Plumb Centre. The videos were watched individually by around 11 million people.  

Following successful branding & digital projects delivered to UK subsidiary ‘The Tube & Bracket Company’ between 2004 and 2014, I took a contracted position at TRILOGIQ Group as Head of Digital. I took charge of 18 regional websites and around 40 social channels in 12 different languages, rebuilding them to reflect group branding, and championing Best Practice for Inbound content and social engagement.

My role morphed into Chief Marketing Officer, developing and co-ordinating strategy and tactics for a team of 25 perm + 11 freelance/contractors worldwide, managing a total marketing budget of approx £1.8M. Over three years I built a company-wide consensus around brand values and market offering, and implemented a complete visual rebrand.

I also managed a digital start-up within the main company, with a project budget of £1.2M over two years. I assembled a team of 5 high-end coders and UX designers based in London. The project used cutting-edge WebGL/React to allow users to visualise, configure, cost and purchase their own bespoke solutions using the Tube & Bracket system.

In Spring 2018 I completed my projects at TRILOGIQ and am currently working on a freelance / contracted basis with a clients in Product/Furniture Design, Psychological Services, Materials Handling and Clean Energy Technology.

I'd love to hear about your organisation, and see what I can offer. 

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