For Agencies & Creative Teams

You're driven by an unstoppable desire to produce world-changing creative work. You have the skills, the imagination, the passion, an assortment of awesome tech and at least one wall-mounted fixie.

But... you're not able to focus on doing your best work because the brief keeps changing, or the clients just won't sign off, or they’re arguing over invoices, or you’ve underquoted and overdelivered again - or the project is somehow stuck for any one of a thousand possible reasons.

I've seen these scenarios many times as a designer, as a business owner and as a buyer of creative services on the client side. 90% of the time there is a solution available - but it can be really hard to see when you a/are so close to the work and b/have so many other plates to spin.

Common Issues:

  • Not enough, or wrong type of Enquiries

  • Not closing sales

  • Spending too much time pitching

  • Difficult Clients

  • Working hard but not making enough money

  • Spinning too many plates

  • Not enjoying the work

Helping you review your team’s focus and priorities, deconstructing specific problems, negotiating tricky clients, managing 'scope creep' or just using my outsider's perspective as a sanity check on decisions you’ve made previously - these are all things I can help with on either an ad-hoc or retained basis.

Intro Call

Get in touch and we’ll spend 15-20 minutes talking through your scenario - with no obligation to see if there’s a good fit. If it turns out what you need is outside my own expertise, I’ll try to refer you to someone more suitable.

Discovery Workshop

If there is a good fit, the first step is typically a half-day discovery†workshop†, which could be on a specific topic we’ve touched on, or completely freeform. The workshop takes the form of whiteboard & post-its session, with you, me, and up to four key personnel from your agency. It’s great to involve other stakeholders - but, for the first meeting, you may want to limit it so we can cover any sensitive or controversial topics more easily.

At the end of this process we will have identified any key issues (and sometimes resolved them in the course of the discussion), agreed actions and made suggestions for next steps. The cost for this workshop is equivalent to one day of my billable time at SME rate, £600 +VAT.

I am highly confident that you will get value for money from the workshop but, if you feel otherwise, you can adjust what you pay accordingly. Anything you share with me in a workshop will be entirely confidential. We typically cover a lot of ground, so I recommend scheduling it for the morning rather than the afternoon, and preferably away from your usual work environment, to facilitate clear thinking and to avoid distractions.

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*Please note many other scenarios are possible. I decided against trying to list them all!