Marketing Services

Marketing Implementation

Whilst many of the fundamental principles of marketing have no changed over the last 10-15 years - the processes, terminology and technology to implement them certainly have.

Whilst it can be hard for an in-house team to a/get all their work done and b/keep up with the changing digital landscape, the opportunities to market an authentic product to a huge audience at a relatively low cost are incredible.

The key challenge is knowing where to start with the available marketing channels. Creating a clear strategy and adopting a test & learn approach that works towards clear goals but can pivot as opportunities appear, is key to achieving good marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

Brand Guardianship

To be effective, your brand messaging must be clear and consistent across multiple channels, product groups, regions and languages.

The core values must be always be front and centre, even where local markets require a tailored approach. I can help your organisation take (and keep) control of its branding, working with internal and external stakeholders and suppliers.

  • Internal Presentation, Communication & Training

  • Create / Oversee Brand Toolkit / Design Guidelines

  • Setting & Maintaining Standards

  • Develop & Monitor Best Practice

Digital Project Delivery

Why do so many digital projects promise the earth and somehow fail to deliver?

There are a number of possible reasons both at the strategic level (happy talk, unresolved conflicting priorities, politics) and also at the point of delivery. Successful projects broadly need to have:

  • A clear, detailed brief / specification that is understood and agreed by all the stakeholders

  • Agreement on who will make which decisons within the project and how any conflicts will be resolved

  • Clear, measurable milestones and accountability for reaching them

  • Agreement on objective outcomes that will define whether the project is successful

  • The right type of team to deliver the project

To make the right decisions a good overview of different types of technology available is essential - and an agnostic approach at the start of the project helps makes sure that the most appropriate platforms are used to meet the organisation’s needs.

Content Creation

Good published content is critical for most organisations marketing/communications effectiveness.

As someone who’s worked as a content creator (see portfolio), as a commissioner of content on the client side, and having implementing content for marketing - I understand the ingredients that make content effective. I work directly on content creation and also collaborate with a range of specialists including:

  • Photographer / Videographers

  • Graphic Artists & Designers

  • Animation Producers

  • Digital Technologists

  • Copy Writers