For SMEs

What could I do for you or your organisation? Here are some examples:

Strategic Brand Development

Your organisation needs to know exactly what it’s offering, who its audience is, and why that audience should be interested in the offering.

Then it needs to express the offering clearly in everything it *is* (the way it looks, sounds, feels) and everything it *does* (how it interacts with the world). 

That concept is very simple - but making it all happen, keeping those things all aligned and, yet, still being able to evolve with the marketplace can be a real challenge.

I can help you create and manage a powerful, distinct brand 'vehicle' to take your organisation wherever it needs to go.

Brand Discovery & Diagnosis

What is the state of your current branding? Does your audience ‘get’ what you’re offering? 

Is there agreement internally? Do your marketing materials do justice to your customer service? Is there a reason to change anything? Should you iterate, or start from scratch? I’ll help you navigate these questions, consolidate what you know and fill in the missing pieces.

  • Understand Organisational Offer

  • Understand Org strengths & weaknesses

  • Understand market environment

  • Define Audience

  • Analysis of Touchpoints

  • Audit Internal & External perceptions

  • Understand & Clarify Market Opportunity

Brand Guardianship

To be effective, your brand messaging must be clear and consistent across multiple channels, product groups, regions and languages.

The core values must be always be front and centre, even where local markets require a tailored approach.

I can help your organisation take (and keep) control of its branding, working with internal and external stakeholders and suppliers.

  • Internal Presentation, Communication & Training

  • Create / Oversee Brand Toolkit / Design Guidelines

  • Setting & Maintaining Standards

  • Develop & Monitor Best Practice

Digital Strategy & Planning

The opportunities available for online business - whether that’s selling direct, provide an online service or attacking a new market - are immense.

Digital projects, especially those with a component of innovation - can make or break an organisation. Defining objectives properly, managing risks, and bringing in the right mix of skills will be paramount to making your digital project a success.

Marketing Implementation

Whilst many of the fundamental principles of marketing have no changed over the last 10-15 years - the processes, terminology and technology to implement them certainly have.

Whilst it can be hard for an in-house team to a/get all their work done and b/keep up with the changing digital landscape, the opportunities to market an authentic product to a huge audience at a relatively low cost are incredible.

The key challenge is knowing where to start with the available marketing channels. Creating a clear strategy and adopting a test & learn approach that works towards clear goals but can pivot as opportunities appear, is key to achieving good marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

You're the Boss

I help Organisations get the most value out of Branding/Marketing, Comms and Tech projects.

There's no better place to be than steering your own ship, and reaping the rewards of a successful business. There's also no lonelier place than finally locking the office door at midnight, exhausted and worried about all the things you didn't get done today.

Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have the resources they'd like in order to do branding and marketing communications really well; to make sure that the business strategy is crystal clear, the offering is compelling, and all marketing activity is perfectly aligned.

This is where an outsider can really add value. I've got a strong track record of identify, clarifying and getting agreement on an organisation's core offering, rallying stakeholders around it, and turning that into tangible sales and marketing materials. Whether you have a complete in-house marketing team or none at all - I can help you set things up to get the most value from your budget.

You're in Marketing

I help marketing people fight their corner, and put the right technical and creative resources in place to execute their strategy

You live and breathe KPIs that your organisation probably doesn't appreciate. You have far too much to do and yet it will never be enough. You hold the keys to your organisation's success or failure in your weary hands, but you have to spend your precious time and energy managing expectations, eking every last penny out of your budget and balancing the things you know work against the things that that simply look good.

Maybe you want to find suppliers who are a better 'fit' with your in-house resources. Maybe you never quite get what you want out of your agencies. Or perhaps you just need a bit of help writing a brief for web development or putting together a visual presentation of your strategy that will knock the Board's socks and stockings off. I'm your guy.

Next Steps

Intro Call

Get in touch and we’ll spend 15-20 minutes talking through your scenario - with no obligation - to see if there’s a good fit. If it turns out that what you need is outside my own expertise, I’ll try to refer you to someone more suitable.

Discovery Workshop

If there is a good fit, the first step is typically a half-day Discovery Workshop, which could be on a specific topic we’ve touched on, or completely freeform. The workshop takes the form of whiteboard & post-its session, with you, me, and up to four key personnel from your business. It’s great to involve other stakeholders - but, for the first meeting, you may decide to limit it so that we can cover any sensitive or controversial topics more easily.

At the end of this process we will have identified any key issues (and sometimes resolved them in the course of the discussion), agreed actions and made suggestions for next steps. The cost for this workshop is equivalent to one day of my billable time at SME rate, £600 +VAT.

I am highly confident that you will get value for money from the workshop but, if you feel otherwise, you can adjust what you pay accordingly. Anything you share with me in a workshop will be entirely confidential. We typically cover a lot of ground, so I recommend scheduling it for the morning rather than the afternoon, and preferably away from your usual work environment, to facilitate clear thinking and to avoid distractions.

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*Please note many other scenarios are possible. I decided against trying to list them all!