Strategic Consultancy


Marketing Strategy

Understanding the market need for your product or service, and the different ‘audience groups’ that you need to communicate with is critical to success. The strategy needs to be crystal clear, simple enough for everyone in the organisation to understood, and practical to implement. I can help you:

• Create, define, or refine your Strategy
• Turn it into a practical Marketing Plan
• Identify key obstacles & challenges
• Make the best use of your marketing resources

Brand Discovery & Diagnosis

What is the state of your current branding? Does your audience ‘get’ what you’re offering? 

Is there agreement internally? Do your marketing materials do justice to your customer service? Is there a reason to change anything? Should you iterate, or start from scratch? I’ll help you navigate these questions, consolidate what you know and fill in the missing pieces.

  • Understand Organisational Offer

  • Understand Org strengths & weaknesses

  • Understand market environment

  • Define Audience

  • Analysis of Touchpoints

  • Audit Internal & External perceptions

  • Understand & Clarify Market Opportunity

Strategic Brand Development

Your organisation needs to know exactly what it’s offering, who its audience is, and why that audience should be interested in the offering.

Then it needs to express the offering clearly in everything it *is* (the way it looks, sounds, feels) and everything it *does* (how it interacts with the world). 

That concept is very simple - but making it all happen, keeping those things all aligned and, yet, still being able to evolve with the marketplace can be a real challenge.

I can help you create and manage a powerful, distinct brand 'vehicle' to take your organisation wherever it needs to go.

Inbound / Content Strategy

Creating compelling content to engage people with your brand is typically one of the most important parts of the marketing mix.

Creating good content - be it video, photography, web posts, white papers etc - can be expensive and time-intensive - so you need to prioritise carefully. A simple content strategy helps keep this process focussed, enables easy briefing of suppliers, and make the best use of your resources.

Digital Product / Service Design

The opportunities available for online business - whether that’s selling direct, providing an online service or attacking a new market - are immense.

Digital projects, especially those with a component of innovation - can make (or break) an organisation. Defining objectives properly, managing risks, and bringing in the right mix of skills will be paramount to making your digital project a success.


Founding a Start-up, either as an entire business or as a project within an existing organisation, is an exciting and often daunting challenge.

It requires a level of open-mindedness and flexibility that is different from the traditional business mindset. However there are some fantastic (and now quite well-established) ‘models’ to follow, such as Lean Startup which applies Kaizen or Continous Improvement philosophies adapted from the world of Lean Manufacturing movement. I have been involved at a high level in several successful startups, and can offer a wide range of practical experience to this type of project.